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  VCSEL, vertical cavity surface emitting laser is one of the semiconductor lasers with the light
emission through vertical direction. The laser structure is consisting of vertically stacked mirrors
with an active gain region. Those emitting structure provides several advantages in both perfor-
mance and cost, compared to conventional edge-emitting laser. Accordingly, VCSELs have been
recognized as a next generation light source for both telecommunications and data communications.

Raycan owns key technologies for fiber-optic components, especially VCSELs in both epitaxial
growth and device fabrication. The thick VCSEL structure, vertically stacked DBRs and active region,
requires precise and reproducible epitaxial growth control with VCSEL-oriented fabrication technology.
With over 10 years experiences of semiconductor optoelectronic devices on VCSEL,Raycan enables
to full device manufacturing with our own unique VCSEL technologies. In particular, InP-based long-
wavelength VCSELs, defect free & lattice matched, have mass-production favorable growth and
fabrication processes, which are high-reliable & reproducible technologies.
Simple device fabrication processes with wafer scale :  simple & reproducible devices processes like      LED
Wafer scale device test : efficient yield control
Low power consumption with compact device size
Capability of high speed modulation by small active volume
Large coupling tolerance : low packaging cost
Uniform optical field distribution : high reliablity
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